What is the purpose of this website?

All teams in the UK/RoI have well-established procedures and protocols for delivering all aspects of their work – training, administration, operations, fundraising and so on. But, whereas they all share a common purpose, developments in equipment and technology, membership profile and a whole variety of other factors, means there’s an ongoing need to keep a watchful eye on how change may impact on practice.

This website is a platform for teams and individuals to share, exchange and display knowledge, practices etc, which may inform, confirm or assist changes in operation.

It is a collective platform available to all teams in the UK/RoI. It is not prescriptive nor does it attempt in any way to advise on ‘best’ practice. What is good or ‘best’ is up to individual teams to decide; something they already do with great proficiency.

Effectiveness of this site depends largely on teams submitting information, which they consider may benefit others. The point of reference for anyone wishing to contribute is – contact@mountainrescue.info.